Commercial Certificate

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* Please note that all certificates or documents should be in English or Arabic and legalized by Korea Chamber of Commerce, if not issued by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Korea prior to visit the embassy.

** One copy of each original certificate or document should be submitted and the fee should be paid only in cash.

Legalizing Commercial Certificate
- Fee: 337,500 won

Certificate of Origin
- Should accompany Commercial Invoice
- Commercial Invoice number and date should appear on the certificate.
- Fee: 37,500 won

Commercial Invoice
- Should accompany Certificate of Origin
- Below sentences should be put in the remarks of the invoice.
  1. We certify that this invoice is authentic and is the only one issued by us for the goods described herein, and it represents the real value of those goods. We also certify that the good are from ________ origin.
   2. We undertake not to ship the goods described in this invoice on Israeli vessel or on vessel calling at any Israeli port.
   3. We certify that there is no material produced by Israel in the manufacture of preparation of these goods.

- Fee: depending on the amount written on the invoice
        (Minimum 67,500 won ~ maximum 4,687,500 won)

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